Selling your house in The Hague area

Selling a house is difficult enough, so when selling your house in The Hague, or Scheveningen, get advice from Plink Garantiemakelaars. We are at your service 24/7 and our expert Garantiemakelaars will help you through the whole sales process. You can enter your new home without any stress, because selling your home in The Hague its surroundings – that’s what we do!

Selling your house in The Hague with a Garantiemakelaar

If you choose Plink Garantiemakelaars, you are choosing an estate agent with a guarantee. You get the following guarantees from us when selling your house in The Hague:

  • Viewing guarantee: you don’t have to arrange anything when someone wants to view your house. If you would like to be there as well, we will of course take you into account. Even if that means that the visit takes place in the evening or during the weekend.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: we ensure that we make clear agreements and that you are satisfied afterwards. You can also read the experiences of the customers have used our services before you.
  • Contact guarantee: we are also available outside office hours and can answer all your questions.
  • Presentation guarantee: your home is neatly displayed in advertisements, with good texts, photos and videos.
  • Cancellation guarantee: you can always end your contract with us without any hassle, if you wish.

Moreover, we make sure that we only deal with the serious candidates.

The steps to selling your house in The Hague

What exactly does the process look like when you have your house sold by Plink Garantiemakelaars? This consists of four steps:

Step 1: research and agreements

In order to determine the right price, it is necessary to find out what the state of the house is. If that doesn’t happen, you run the risk of potential buyers discovering flaws and using them to get the price down. We map this out very precisely. We also make clear agreements in this phase. So you always know what to expect and where you stand.

Step 2: the right presentation

In this phase of selling your house in The Hague we will make sure that your starting position is perfect. We do this by means of a presentation package and by determining a good asking price. We will do this together on the basis of our research, our many years of experience and our knowledge of the housing market in The Hague.

Step 3: viewings and negotiations

Arranging viewings can take a lot of time. Fortunately, Plink Garantiemakelaars takes everything off your hands, which saves you time. Moreover, we make sure that only the serious candidates remain.

We will keep you informed of the results of the visits and the negotiations via your electronic customer file. Of course, you can always call us for further questions or comments.

Step 4: after you have sold your house in The Hague

After selling your house in The Hague we won’t let you down. We make sure that everything is handled properly. We have finished our job only when you are satisfied, everything is legally in order and the house has been transferred.



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