Buying a house in The Hague area

Plink Garantiemakelaars can help you with your search for a house, an apartment or a new-build project. Together we will find your dream home. Involving a professional real estate agent is not a superfluous luxury;there is a lot of work to be done. We help you in every phase of buying a house in The Hague.

As a Garantiemakelaar, Plink Garantiemakelaars also gives you a number of guarantees. These offer extra security when buying a house in The Hague. The most important one is our satisfaction guarantee. Read our customer reviews to see what this guarantee is based on. Our other guarantees when buying a house in The Hague:

Contact guarantee

First of all, we are always available for all your questions. That’s what we call our contact guarantee. Your Garantiemakelaar is available 24/7 and if you have a short question, you can always ask your question online via the live chat.

Security guarantee

We always stay sharp and detect any defects: our security guarantee. We make sure that you can buy your dream home, wherever it is,  in The Hague without any unexpected problems.

Cancellation guarantee

If it still doesn’t feel right, you have your cancellation guarantee and you can terminate the cooperation contract with us free of charge.

Plink Garantiemakelaars gives you all these guarantees and there are more advantages. The real estate agents are aware of all the current housing offers in The Hague. With our experience and knowledge of the market, we know how to find the right house for you. Want to take a look for yourself? Then take a look at our range of houses.

Buying a house in four steps

We will walk you through the four phases to buy your perfect home in The Hague. During each phase we will help you and make it as easy as possible for you.

we take a close look at the current offering in your region. We then draw up a housing profile together, wherein all your wishes will be documented. This way, we can show you exactly which houses are of interest to you during the rest of the process.

In the next phase, we arrange viewings and compare the various options together with you. If you don’t have a lot of time, we can even plan viewings in the evening or during the weekend.

Once you have found a house in The Hague that you want to buy, the research and negotiation phase starts. We compare the property with similar recently sold properties. We also carry out in-depth research into the state of maintenance. If necessary, we also carry out a cadastral or soil survey or have the house inspected. This information ensures that we can negotiate well for you and get the best price possible.

Finally, together we’ve found a house in The Hague that you want to buy. We ensure a good contract and keep an eye on the fact that everything is handled properly from a legal point of view.

If you want a detailed explanation of all the phases, please watch the following video:


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